Spirit Healer Acupuncture
     Jacque S. Stock
                   B.S.,  L. Ac
          Diplomat of Acupuncture

Jacque's roots in the healing profession began over 24 years
ago as an Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA) Counselor,
certified in the state of Wisconsin.  She worked with people
struggling with all types of addictions.  As a counselor,
Jacque looked at the person as a whole person - taking into
account the interactions between their physical, psychological
and spiritual environments.  Many times "dis-ease" happens
from the interaction between one or all of these parts of our

Half-way through Jacque's career, first as a counselor, and later in supervision and training of other counselors,
she was introduced to Acupuncture as a way to assist cocaine and other substance abusers with detoxification,
withdrawal and cravings in a County-funded program in Kansas City, Missouri.  Jacque was invited to an open
house at this program to try Acupuncture.  At first, she was pretty skeptical.  She couldn't believe, let alone
understand, how the insertion of a few very fine needles into the ear could make her feel better.  But, trusting her
intuition, and with a little push from a friend who had encouraged her to go, she tried Acupuncture!

Jacque felt great after her first treatment!  She couldn't believe the calm she felt and how lifted her mood was.  
The initial experience peeked her curiosity and had her returning for more.  Jacque purchased a package of ten
treatments and returned with many questions and ailments for the Acupuncturist to work on, including Carpal
Tunnel Syndrome which developed after many years of carpentry side jobs.  Well, it worked so well, that it
changed her life.  She knew that she had to learn more about this ancient method of healing.  The Acupuncturist,
who she now calls her mentor, connected her to the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine in Racine
and she soon packed her bags for Wisconsin.

During this intense training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which Acupuncture is just one of the
modalities she studied, she learned that not only does Acupuncture assist people with pain relief and addictions,
TCM is a whole system of diagnosis and treatment that has been around for thousands of years.  
See the list of
ailments that the
World Health Organization (WHO) believes Acupuncture can treat.

At the time of Jacque's study, she was also employed as the manager of the AODA and Street Outreach team in
the Prevention Department of the Aids Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW).  While there, she developed and
supervised an AODA program that incorporated a Harm-Reduction approach with substance abusers.  She hired
an Acupuncturist and also a person trained in Tai Chi to give the clients as many tools as possible to improve the
quality of their lives and increase their chances of recovering from addictions.  Jacque witnessed Acupunctures
work in detoxification by reducing withdrawal symptoms, craving for drugs/alcohol/tobacco and watched people
become more receptive to therapy because of the calming effect of Acupuncture.

Despite loving what she did at ARCW, Jacque resigned after six wonderful years to practice TCM/Acupuncture
full-time.  She has been in private practice in the Greater Milwaukee area for over 8 years.  As an Acupuncture
Practitioner, she feels gifted daily after receiving reports from her clients of feeling decreased pain, less anxious
and/or depressed, improved mobility, increased sense of well-being
(See individual testimonials).  In this
capacity she can also continue to work with individuals struggling with addictions.

Jacque cannot emphasize enough how she enjoys what she does and every person she works with.  Her
philosophy is to meet people where they are at and assist them gently in making changes to improve the quality
of their lives, however they qualify these.  As a professional, Jacque feels that client confidentiality is very
important in allowing people the freedom to go through this process.  She also feels that knowledge is power
and does a lot of teaching in her practice, not only to individual clients, but to groups of people.  Acupuncture
made her a believer and she wants as many people as possible to be given the same opportunity.  
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