Spirit Healer Acupuncture
The use of herbs for medicinal purposes is as old as humankind.     Western medicine utilizes plants to create
drugs, but, unlike herbs, western medicine has drastically altered the state of the plant which explains why there
are many side-effects patients may experience.  

There are hundreds of Chinese herbs.  They are sometimes used individually, however most of the time herbs
are combined into a formula for the conditions a person is seeking assistance with resolving.  Herbs can be
taken as tablets, capsules, or teas (decoctions).  Chinese herbs, while very safe, should not be taken without the
supervision of a trained Acupuncturist/Herbolist.  

Herbs work alone or in conjunction with Acupuncture to remedy the unbalance or "dis-ease" in a person's body.  
Be sure to inform the practitioner about any Western medication that is currently being taken if herbs are being
considered so that the practitioner may check for possible herb-Western drug interactions.  Also inform your
practitioner about any medical conditions, particularly pregnancy, if Acupuncture or herbal therapies are being